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Hand knitted sweaters, fine textiles, stone washed denim, extra long jackets and coats, technical nylon mixed with natural linen, blazers and pants made with a material derived from graphite (the one used for mechanics’ overalls). And sartorial touches everywhere While the Ex Infinitas Spring Summer collection was inspired by Australian surf culture, for F/W 2017 18, designer Lukas Vincent explores the theme of the ‘polar night’ with the Arctic winter in mind.

The new collection remains faithful to the identity of a brand that is able to combine luxury materials with streetwear and ends up getting inspired by 70s Australian fashion. And, speaking of Australia, Lukas this season is starting a totally new collaboration with iconic brand Ugg, creating shoes similar to their renowned surf boots but crafted from a luxurious Merino wool ranging from classic black to the brightest vivid hues.

Their story is simple: the guys from Ex Infinitas are traveling, pursuing a new life and the perfect ‘wave’ also in winter. And this is the journey that Lukas explores, embracing a new culture, that of Arctic snow surfing. The clothes also feature a gothic vibe courtesy of a color palette that ranges from velvety black to oxblood red, from snow white to emerald through deep blue, uplifted by metallic and mirrored detailing.

Have you had other experience before funding your brand?

I’ve worked in mens and womens commercial fashion brands in Australia and New York for 12 years before finally deciding to use that experience to start my brand.

Surfing, Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, Travel

Where do you find your inspiration?

I like to use the very mundane aspects of Australian culture, elevated into a more polished and refined space. I started the brand whilst living with my mother in a very low income, suburban coastal town in the middle of nowhere, where the demographic is the antithesis of the fashion world. I like to imagine the brands collections as a continuing narrative where each season the boys in the lookbook are progressing to a new part of their journey, whilst still embodying the overall brand ethos.

Ex infinitas: what’s the origin of this brand?

Ex Infinitas means “Of Infinity”, which to me is the nexus of intersecting periods between past and future. This is the reference point that informs anything from fabric choices, design and styling. A mixture of old and new, traditional and technical, Classic and modern.

What about your future project?

We have our first runway show being held in Sydney for fashion week this coming May. I am having the entire Paris creative team fly to Australia to create the special project. We are aiming to create quite a memorable impact before the brand moves to Paris to continue showing part of the PFW schedule. With another 15 stockists still being confirmed for the new season.

What kind of marketing strategy do you use to promote your brand?

For social media I have a very reserved position. Using things like Instagram to create more of an ongoing digital visual art installation. This way to me the audience relates more to the spirit of the brand and not the over commercialisation of what they see. To me its far more appealing long term. I rely heavily on creating lots of content during the lookbook shoot which will help to illustrate the narrative and vibe “between” the images. So you really have a very thorough idea of the setting in which the clothes take place.

if you could choose, which designer would You like to cooperate with? And why?

We are currently in discussion with Rip Curl for a collaboration. Many of the incredible designs from the 60’s and 70’s surf archives will be revived in luxury fabrications, including many of the iconic prints. I feel this authentic surf aesthetic helps to balance the high end nature of the collection, bringing into the picture a more price pointed, mass market appeal.
red ugg boots Ex Infinitas